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Roseville, MI

If you’re a home owner in Roseville who wants to make sure your lawn grows stronger, thicker and greener throughout the growing season, Warner Landscape and Sod has the lawn aeration program you need. Lawn aeration is a process that should take place at least once a year or every other year at the very least. Thatchy lawns mean more insect problems as well as interfering with your lawns ability to properly use fertilizer. Lawn aeration ensures that your lawn can breathe while allowing for increased root and plant growth.

  • lawn aereationThe process involves a gas powered machine with tubes that pull out half inch plugs from your lawn up to three inches in length. These plugs lie on the turf breaking down within two weeks due to mowing and moisture.
  • Providing many micro-organisms and nutrients the plugs feed into your lawn while it responds to other treatments being administered in your lawn care process.
  • Once the plugs are out of the lawn the holes created allow space for air, water and fertilizers to reach the root system greatly stimulating new plant growth.

Warner Landscape and Sod are the professionals you’ve been looking for. With a Satisfaction Guaranteed program to support their products and service, your Rochester Hills home will boast a beautiful, plush, green lawn throughout the growing months. Start making your recreation plans for the season as you’ll want to enjoy and play on your lawn more than ever before.

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Warner Landscape GOLD Program

Here is what you get:
Pre-paid discount of 10% off
5 Visits of Granular Lawn Fertilizer
1 Fall Grub Prevention Treatment
1 Fall Turf Core Aeration

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