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grubVirtually every lawn will be home to beetles and grubs, because that’s a natural part of the lawn ecosystem, much like earthworms, bees and butterflies are. It is when grubs become widespread and start to effect the quality of your lawn, that you’ll begin to have a problem.

Beetles, and in particular masked chafers, Japanese beetles and other types, need lawns to propagate their species, so a lawn with some beetle grubs, or larvae as they are also known, is common and virtually every lawn has some type of grub living in it. They feed on the root system of grass, and in normal healthy lawns, you would never know that they are there. The problem occurs when too many grubs congregate together. They will feast on the root system and kill patches of grass, leaving unsightly brown spots and dead grass in their wake

Check for Infestation
The most reliable way to check for beetle grub infestation is to simply reach down and attempt to pull the grass up and back. In healthy lawns, the grass should be anchored solidly, but if it picks up like a carpet, there is a good chance that you have a grub infestation problem. Once pulled back, check to see if you can find whitish grubs congregating below the top soil. If you notice several in the area that you’ve pulled up, the chances are that you have a grub infestation problem. Grub infestation also often resembles drought stress.

Although grubs can be managed by an application of an insecticide during the spring and fall months, the most effective time to prevent grub population is mid summer (July) prior to the beetles laying their eggs. In essence, a residual insecticide is deposited onto the lawn, in early July, that effectively covers the time period during which the grubs will hatch. This preventative procedure breaks the chain of hatching grubs and allows your lawn to recover and grow during the rest of the summer/fall, when it is at its most vital.  If you notice any of these conditions, call us for a proactive treatment plan for grubs.

Remember, a healthy lawn is better able to resist any grub infestation and its hard to predict when you will get grubs. At Warner Landscape and Sod, healthy landscaped lawns are what we are all about. We pride ourselves on giving you the best service possible, and with over 20 years of servicing lawns, just like yours, you can be sure you’ll have a healthy, green and beautiful lawn, every season.

If you have any questions about what grub prevention for your lawn is all about, if you think you have a problem or just want some advice, please contact Warner Landscape and Sod. We are a and we are a professional turf care and management company located in Clinton Twp, MI.

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