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A beautiful green lawn requires more than just water and a good fertilizer. In order to improve the health and appearance of your lawn, it has to breathe. This is why lawn aeration is one of the most important steps you can take for your lawn in Clinton Township.

Lawn aeration typically takes place in the spring or fall, and is necessary if you want your lawn to take in nutrients and reach its full potential.

Here at Warner Landscape and Sod, we know what it takes to achieve a beautiful healthy lawn.

With our professional lawn aeration services in Clinton Township, we will use a gas-powered machine to remove plugs in your lawn. Plugs can range from a half-inch long to 3 inches. These holes will remain open, even watered, so that water, air and nutrients can easily reach the roots.

This means that any lawn care products you apply will be more effective as it can now penetrate deeper into the soil.

When comparing manual or spike aeration and powered aeration, our powered aeration method is much more effective at breaking through compacted soil and creating a channel to the roots.

Using our powered aeration services, you can enjoy thicker, greener, and stronger grass during its peak growing season.

When it comes to lawn care, timing is everything. Contact us today for more information on our aeration services in Clinton Township

Reasons to Core Aerate

  • Thatchy lawns have more insect and disease problems.
  • Thatch interferes with your lawns ability to use the fertilizers we apply.
  • Poor watering results during warmer, drier weather.
  • Heavy clay soils develop thatch twice as fast creating spongy turf.

Beneļ¬ts of Core Aeration

  • Your lawn can breathe.
  • Increased root and plant growth (thicker lawn)
  • Reduced soil compaction (less thatch development)
  • Increases microbial action in your soil which actually helps break down thatch
  • Better responses to the products you pay us to apply (a greener healthier lawn)

Warner Landscape GOLD Program

Here is what you get:
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5 Visits of Granular Lawn Fertilizer
1 Fall Grub Prevention Treatment
1 Fall Turf Core Aeration

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